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Abalinx 9 December 2019 Peter Adamis

Blokes no matter how tough they, always have a soft spot for their Mums. I am no different.  Two months ago we almost lost her and the outlook was grim. Somehow Mum was able dig deep and found those reserves of strength to battle her illness and advise Death that she was not ready to go. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: WHAT AUSSIE BLOKES DO FOR THEIR MUMS

Mind you, she has a lot of relatives, friends and mates including Dad on the other side. But Mum has such strong will power that she pulled through. An inspiration to the many who have met her and know her life story.

I wrote a post two months ago on Mum and removed it out of respect for her. She even edited it for me while she was in hospital advising me as always, saying: “Son get your facts right, I am not ready to go” Today we went to the Oakleigh Mall where we had lunch and a cup of coffee. She would not let me pay despite my protests. It was a welcome break from being at home and it did us the world of good. It is not often that Mum goes out, preferring her peace and quiet of her home surroundings.

I have promised that she will never go into an old age home and that we shall find solutions to keep her in the home environment that she is familiar and content with. At age of 89 years Mum deserves everything an Aussie bloke can do for her. Siblings and friends live close by and Mum has a good understanding how to navigate her mobile. Now I know where my stubbornness, resilience and will power originated from.

These past two months have been very precious and of great value to me. Spending time with her is pure gold. That’s all for today. A special message to mates in hospital. Letting you know you are not alone. Stay strong, be of good cheer and never give up.



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