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Abalinx 7 May 2016 Peter Adamis

This is the first of a series of satirical articles aimed at bursting the myths that have grown out of proportion surrounding the Australian political scene. It is not aimed at any political party, individual or organisation but merely to shed light on a region of political darkness that is being fed by man made manure. 

What if I told you that the world was really a basin and that Australia was just a bit of flotsam floating aimlessly around in a swill of man made liquid manure after having being broken off the main continent.  You would remain skeptical right?  What if I told you that we are living an illusion and that everything we see and hear is just that an illusion. You would still remain skeptical and yet begin to wonder whether it was true. If I was to tell you that all those who died during a war died fighting for the Australian flag, many would believe me and still there will be many who are not ignorant of Australia military history who would state otherwise. Then if I was to tell you that ALL POLITICIANS are hardworking individuals serving diligently in representing their particular electorate. You would laugh at my statement, right?

What are we as mere mortals at the grass roots level and the individual in the street to do in the face of enormous pressures and bursts of media adulation about their favourite politician? Are not the media to blame for the many political myths that we are subjected to. Of course, and why not blame the media, our politicians cannot be tarred with the brush of abusing their power, after all are they not above the law said the emu to his cousin second time removed the lizard crawling at his feet. The lizard nonchalantly, while looking up at his cousin the emu and dart out his long limey tongue to catch another staffer mosquito. Oops did I say another staffer, dear me a poor choice of words. Ahhh we sigh to ourselves does this mean that staffers are dispensable and cannon fodder just to save the hides of their political masters.

Well folks that is exactly what is occurring right at this very moment. Lizards, emus, kangaroos, brumby, galahs, crocodiles and the odd cockatoo are heading for calmer regions away from the blistering heat of the day; leaving behind the mosquitoes, sand flies and the occasional butterfly to fend for themselves. Yes one can hazard a guess and say that our alleged parliamentary masters are a bunch of animals who come together to feed and gorge themselves on whatever morels they can find, while those who don’t hunt in a pack feed on the carrion and left over from the big feast held every so often in that lofty place we call Canberra.

Do I have concerns about the behaviour of our political masters, too right I do. Free helicopter rides, photos with diggers serving in war torn regions for the folks back home, using public money to fund their campaigns, using young men and women with the promise of a bright political future, sleeping with the alleged enemy to obtain secrets that will bring the downfall of a political opponent. Dipping into the public purse when no one is looking and expect to get away with it. The list goes on and on and yet what do we do at the grassroots level of any political organisation, NOTHING, but squirm and hope that next time it will be better.

One of my favourite myths involved a good mate of mine, an ex-Vietnam veteran of whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Ballarat. I had just completed my speech on some political subject and I found that he was the next speaker. It’s funny to think that we were both ex-service men and both had the same Christian name and ironically enough with the same ideals and expectations of our political system. Suffice to say this chap gave a riveting speech that brought him to the attention of those on high and soon he found himself sitting in the Victorian Parliament.

I can remember he along with another chap called Harold Eather, (now deceased and ex-serviceman) and I standing in the back of the meeting hall chewing the fat and reviewing the policies being discussed. It was unfortunate that in the end our politician mate ended up having a huge row with then premier and threatening him if he should ever come near him again. He told the premier that he was a waste of space and should have the balls to do the right thing. Sad to say the politician died on the night before the election having resigned from the political party in disgust but still supporting the ideology and policies of the party he had left.  What was of interest to note is that the party lost the election as a result of a by-election being held on the death our mate? Truly a lesson to be learnt here.

Another political myth concerned the behaviour of two Senators who were cornered by an irate chairman and campaign director, holed up in a closet and given the riot act for installing without any consultation some young bloke in his teens to represent a seat. The Senators were given a verbal thrashing and made clear that the methodologies used were inappropriate and not in the interests of the party or to the creation of good long term relationships. On the day of the election this little black duck along with his myriad of supporters stood in the rain, wind and sleet handing out how to vote cards with the face of this young fella. 

We at the time knew nothing of the candidate, nor were we provided with any candidate profile information and as such we created a myth around this young bloke in order to sell him to the voters. On that day I felt so ashamed at being let down by others who should have known better. Did it finish there one would say yes, but unfortunately it did not. We later found out that this candidate was nowhere to be seen in the electorate but was giving out how to vote cards in another electorate. Now this young man in his late twenties is working as an office manager for another political figure who is yet to make his mark in the Victorian coliseum for political gladiators.

The best myth that is currently making the rounds is the alleged branch stacking and he associated so called intimidation and sacking of a staffer who was just following orders of his political masters and others closely associated with the electorate. A bright, enthusiastic, intelligent and overzealous to please his political boss unfortunately fell in front of a political bulldozer and lost the ability to speak coherently. According to the news reports, this young staffer had been sacked. Well its wonderful how myths start and I for one who has studied the ancient Greek myths by the author, Robert Graves volume one and two, can categorically deny that the young man was sacked. 

What has occurred it would appear is that he has been intimidated into a corner with no one to support him and pressure being applied to leave with no prospect of any political employment in the future? Such are the unwritten rules in the political arena and it’s a great lesson and reminder to the younger generation that it’s a dog eat dog culture that is reminiscent of the Ottomans’ who destroyed the Venetian Doge, Enrico Dandolo’s grave in Constantinople (Istanbul) Turkey, scattering his bones and devoured by dogs.

What then one may ask will be the aftermath? Nobody know is that the answer. I think not as I am led to believe that as a result of this additional allegations will now be made that has the foundation of bringing down at least two members and the potential to bring down the government and hand the baton of power to their political opponents. As I stated earlier it’s a dog eat dog culture where even they too become cannibalistic towards one another when faced with extinction.

But then again, all this is but a myth is it not. Who know what the future may bring. Maybe the remnants of corruption, maybe the remnants of mishandling votes, maybe the remains of a dying member could rise above the members and start a blaze that cannot be extinguished. Anything is possible and yet what could be worse than remaining in power as a result of abuse of power and influence. Who said that African and Asian despots have a monopoly on power when we in Australia are prone to the same seductive influences? But then again I am only stating the myths that abound the political coliseum and it’s up to the reader to find the many needles that abound in the haystack. It’s not hard, just sit down anywhere and you will soon find out where these needle points are.

Having being involved for so many years as a political activist, it’s not hard to being cynical, sceptical and to surround yourself with myths in order to survive the manure that we at the grass level are fed to appease us. It is of interest to note that I am on record as supporting generational change in whatever format and that one hopes that they are witnessing the behaviour of the old guard who need to be removed for the sake of this nation. One therefore hopes that the new generation reviews the political paradigms of the past and removes the diseased sections thus paving the way for the political party to become active one again.

I for one truly hope that the generation of young men and women have the courage and intestinal fortitude to do what is right and not expect to be handed a political career on the plate because of political ties, family dynasties, the alleged right schools, money and influence.

I therefore hope that everyone takes a leaf out of young James Paterson and work hard to achieve the lofty goal of serving the people. James Paterson has done a marvelous job in surrounding himself with some very bright people such as: Annabel Clunies-Ross, Rohan D’Souza, Julian Barendse, Christopher Koch, Evan Mulholland, Adam McKee, Max Williams and Matthew Lesh, Georgia Letten, Brendan and Sara Rowswell, Yoni Cukierman, Luke Tobin, Byron Hodkinson, John Shipp, John Osborn and many others that I have not named.  

Others also in the ring as potential political gladiators are Nick Demiris, Scott Pierce, Marcus Bastiaan, Tim Smith, Matthew Guy, Keith Wolohan, Georgina Downer, Andrew Ananievski, Andrew and Steph Campbell, Kxxxxxxxx Oxxxxxxx, Andrew Asten Stephen Jury, Caroline Elliot, Greg Hannan, Andrea Hoy, Stephanie Ross, Aaron Lane, Jess Wilson, Gideon Rozner, Simon Breheny, Michael Poutney, Paul Mitchell and many others.

The old guard must make way for a new generation or otherwise be prepared and at least don’t be surprised when the generational steam roller comes crashing through the defences of influence and alliances. The young are eager, enthusiastic and raring to demonstrate that they too have the political cunning and skills to create their own pathways; without the need to rely on outdated, decrepit and diseased policies and procedures that only bring decay and decomposition of party in need of a blood transfusion.

The smart and intelligent political animals will seek experienced, knowledgeable and skilled mentors to guide them throughout their political journey and become leaders in their own right. All others will naturally follow the leader and be content with the morsels and crumbs that are handed down to them. Thus myths can become a reality.

I have written this WHAT IF article based on the myriad of myths that we are fed on and I do sincerely hope that the youth of today wrest the baton of power and influence from the old guard and run with it to the political coliseum. More WHAT IF articles and the myths surrounding to follow. As always, my apologies for the poor grammar, punctuation and savagery of the English language. I will end by saying that it is great to be alive. 

PETER ADAMIS 18 APRIL 2016Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: abalinx.com Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538


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