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Abalinx 7 May 2016 Peter Adamis
This is the first of a series of satirical articles aimed at bursting the myths that have grown out of proportion surrounding the Australian political scene. It is not aimed at any political party, individual or organisation
Abalinx 9 May 2016
What if the world as we know it today, disintegrated as a result of a new theory that has emerged to suggest the 9 May 2016 transit of Mercury is linked to the biblical prophecy of destruction? A copy of the article may be downloaded
Abalinx Peter Adamis 10 May 2016
What if The Double Dissolution was a failure and the Senate was controlled by the Greens and the Xenophon Party. What would that do to the Liberal Party and most of all to Malcolm Turnbull? Malcolm Turnbull is expected
Abalinx 10 May 2016 Peter Adamis
Have we lost the plot one may ask? What if the Liberals won the election in July and no efforts were made to reconcile the differences between the many personal geopolitical fiefdoms that have sprung up throughout this
Abalinx 16 May 2016 Peter Adamis
We Australians are not only a courageous and resilient race but also a nation that thrives upon the challenges we face daily; and like the indomitable and immovable Uluru, will not budge or give an inch to the injustices
Abalinx 17 May 2016 Peter Adamis
What if it was revealed that the Greens have stitched a deal with Labor on one front and another in Victoria alone with that political gladiator, Michael Kroger? What if Labor in an attempt to woo back voters stitched

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