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Abalinx 14 August 2018 Peter Adamis

Preamble.                    Today, I received another “QUICKIE” email via my Gmail account. It was somewhat a little subdued form of correspondence and submissive in nature. In fact it can be perceived as a call for help by the distributor. As I am a sucker for helping others, I took stock of what the sender had to say and realised that yes the individual had a case to answer. 

I analysed the email and where possible provide a suitable response where possible with the appropriate advice that I felt best begged a response. Mind you, I am not a fan of the man no of his Looney Left Liberals cronies, but I put my dislike of the man aside and just on with the job.  The following extracts are the distributives comments followed by y responses. I do hope for his sake that he see the light and stops sending out emails to members of the Liberal Party. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: WHEN MASTURBATION OF THE QUILL IS NOT ENOUGH

You will notice that I have not complained to the State Director, Nick Demiris about how was my web email database was corrupted, captured and held hostage for the distribution articles.  What is the difference between Mr. Ian Quick and I is my question. Why is a good question and yet it did not take Robinson Crusoe to work out that politicians, staffers and many other members failed to insert members email addresses within BCC rather than be shown public where others can harvest them. I guess it’s ok for some to use their position on the Administrative Committee to send unsolicited emails and others who have collected emails over the years are not. But then again, hacking and indiscriminate use of poor security precautions and errors of cyber security judgement calls are also at fault.

Mr. Ian Quick.              As you will probably be aware, two fake emails have so far been sent out pretending to come from me, and in them the author lies and defames other party members.

Response:        I have not seen the fake emails but have only been advised of the content of one. If it is at all true then Mr. Ian Quick has the right to complain to the Administrative Committee. Character assassination is nothing new in any political party and one must roll with the punches or make room for those behind you trying to reach the top of the political social pyramid. However I fear Mr. Ian Quick is going about it the wrong way.  If I were him, I would find out who it was, name and shame them.

Mr. Ian Quick.  It also appears that the people behind the fake emails have access to the entire party membership list, and this data breach of confidential information should concern all of us.

Response:        Interesting comment when the same allegations were made against me and proven false by those determined to undermine the President Michael Kroger and that of Matthew Guy.  

Mr. Ian Quick.  It’s time for The President and Admin committee to do something about it – particularly as we have a name the investigation can start with.  

Response:        It is ironic that Ian quick is asking the same body that he is a part of to investigate this matter discretely at the Committee room instead of distributing to all Liberal party members. This is poor form on his part and a lack of judgement I must add.   

Mr. Ian Quick.  The question is, will they? Or are they leaving it up to others to go to the courts, and even media? Will the lack of action be because it was people in the controlling faction that were involved in this absurd behaviour? 

Response:        It saddens me to read this as nothing occurred when individuals within the Liberal party attacked me and nothing was done despite a formal complaint being made. At the time I made the complaint I was struggling with the recovery phase of Stage Four cancer and collapsed whilst running the campaign for Scullin.  I guess in hindsight, I feel for Mr. Ian Quick, but like me, he is a big boy and should bring his complaint directly to the Administrative Committee. (Visit the article on politics and Social Media). Today this bloke is often seen lingering with the Looney Left Liberals. But finally he was sacked for his poor behaviour and innocuous comments about the current leadership on social media.)

Mr. Ian Quick.  It would be nice if the President and Admin were blind to which faction the alleged perpetrator belonged to, and instead looked at this objectively. After all, they are currently part way through throwing someone out of the party for the use of the word ‘moron’ in a social media post (and us the party of free speech!), what should they do to people who pretend to be someone else and send out defamatory statements?           

Response:        The only morons that I have witnessed so far on social media are those who are trying to please their puppet masters, the sycophants, the faceless goons, the Looney Left Liberals, the under-miners, strokers, indiscrete email distribution, character assassins, the Yes Minister individuals, cake whisperers, malcontents, communist wankers and those who masturbate with the quill. If any of those reading this and the cap fits, then I pity them for there is no room at all for political morons within the broad church of the Liberal Party.

Mr. Ian Quick.  It’s a pity they aren’t working towards winning the election in November. 

Response:        What a load of unmitigated hogwash.  Here we have the Party President Michael Kroger and all of his Vice Presidents as well as Matthew Guy and his Parliamentary team campaigning every week while Mr. Ian Quick is questioning their campaigning efforts to win government. What is he doing other than slinging mud at others hoping that it will stick?  Well people within the Liberal party are becoming fed up with his rantings and ravings and just want to get on with winning government.     

Mr. Ian Quick.  It’s also a pity that a number of members talk of ‘Liberal values’ but when tested, put self-interest ahead of values every time.

Response:        Mr. Ian Quick is rather “quick” to point the bone at others and lecturing long time members about Liberal party values and self-interests. If I were a member on the Administrative Committee I would be working hard to make the changes within the committee and not air decisions, discussions and concepts publicly. It is not the Australian way and certainly not conducive to long term relationships.           

Mr. Ian Quick.  So I formally ask the President, what are you going to do about this debacle?

Response:        My advice to Mr. Ian Quick is speak directly to the President and have a face to face discussion about his concerns. Don’t embarrass himself nor the Liberal party.  We honestly do not need undermining and disunity some months out of the election.  If we lose the election, the responsibility will fall directly on Mr Ian Quick, his Looney Left Liberal cronies such as those who use pseudonyms on social media to hide their true identity.

Having analysed all of the above, I must say that I would in all honesty support Mr. Ian Quick in his endeavours to find the culprit and bring these unsavoury characters to the attention of the Administrative Committee. Let the Administrative Committee demonstrate to all Liberals that they represent all of the Liberal Party and not the interests of the few.  The leadership is there, the willingness to win is apparent, but the means of working as a team is sadly lacking.

I would prefer that everyone drop their personal dislikes of others and just get on with the job of winning government. The distribution of insidious emails full of innuendoes to members does not help Matthew Guy and his parliamentary Party nor does it support the hard work being carried out by the administrative arm of the organisation under Nick Demiris.  I am certain that the President could well do with some unity at this point in time and the distribution of confidential matters is not conducive to creating bridges of communication and due relationships.             Mr Quick and his ilk will certainly bear the responsibility of any loss.     
Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: abalinx.com Contact via Email: [email protected]

Post Script.  In my previous articles, my advice to young Ian Quick (alias the Fox) was to button his lip, shut up, work with the Administrative Committee, keep his objections and disagreements within the confines of the meeting room and work as a team.  There is only one member of the Board who is elected leader, not three of four.  My advice to all Administrative members is that if you don’t support the President Michael Kroger then you are not supporting Matthew Guy to win government at the next State Election. It is simple as that.     

I have written a number of political article on various subjects and other matters. Since that time I have received a number of abusive telephone calls at home and on my mobile. Furthermore please note that all my calls are monitored due to inappropriate behaviour. I have also received unwarranted and inappropriate threatening emails.  As I take such matters to heart, I would like to point out that I have no malice towards any individual. In fact I admire anyone who stands up or what they believe in.  I am the same and will do what is right in the eyes of our society. If any reader is aggrieved by my comments, then an apology is in order on my part.

I will go even further and apologise to all and sundry if my posts have offended or upset my very dear friends, mates, ex-military, retired cobbers political, military, community and all those I have met throughout life.  But having apologised does not mean that we do not have our political differences and I don’t expect us as individuals to see eye to eye on many things apart from wanting as in my case Liberal Governments in power. My disagreements if any with individual are never personal.

If those who read what I have written, please be assured that it was not my intention and I am sorry if people have taken it the wrong way. I have explained in another post what has occurred to my database and in my own manner of speaking I hoped that it would make matters clearer. If not then I am sorry if readers have taken my posts the wrong way. I welcome as always constructive criticism to mattes which readers may feel need further clarification and I will endeavour to correct it. It may also mean that I may have to add a postscript to any article that I write in order that others understand that what is being written is not personal at all.  Thank you to everyone for their kind support and understanding. Peter Adamis.


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