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Abalinx 15 January 2020 Peter Adamis

I feel compelled to write another point of view regarding the rise and fall of Karina Okotel. The Karina Okotel that I knew is somewhat different from the one I read in the news media of today. I am disappointed to say the least but politics is politics no matter which way matters appear to be.  The Abalinx ENewsletter 9 describes in detail what has happened.

I remember advising her to hang in there and not to give up. I distinctly remember saying to her, that if she performed well at the pre-selection, she would be considered for higher office in due time. Little did I know that Karina would! Karina’s capacity to meet and greet the Party faithful around the state, and the country, was legendary.

At a another time at a function in the electorate of Menzies, I endeavoured to give her some advice to heal the rift that she caused, but as history has demonstrated, she went on to create chaos and disunity. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: WILL THE REAL KARINA PLEASE STAND UP

The Liberal party is a broad church and there is room for everyone according to John Howard.  Karina must therefore learn to live with the congregation.

More recently, highly respected Party stalwarts have observed that Karina Okotel would never have achieved all that she did, without the patronage of powerbroker, and then Party president, Michael Kroger. Now that she is aligned with Scott Ryan and Frank Greenstein, life is going to be interesting.  I must add that over the years I have admired the political skills and strategic abilities of Scott Ryan (The General) and that of Frank Greenstein. Both are dedicated Liberals using methodologies and concepts that are alien to my Conservative beliefs and values.

Having said this, does not mean that we agree and more often than not I would be battling against them politically. Should we go to war, yes, I would have both of these two men in the trenches with me, because I would value their skills and knowledge. I enjoy the thrust and parry of political sparring and there is nothing better when a candidate that I have supported has won a pre-selection.  Having digressed somewhat, but I would like to add that as a supporter of Michael Kroger for 30 years, I have observed that many have done well personally and politically by his friendship patronage, I am no exception.

2020 is shaping up to be a whole new ballgame with the Kroger Centre-right group having won a majority on the new state council.  Will 2020 be a golden year like the image or will it sink into darkness and taken over by the dark side. Liberals cannot afford to be seduced and succumb to the overtures of the dark side but must fight the food fight.   It is now evident to all that the Victorian Division has suffered gravely at the hands of the current cobbled together coalition, particularly at the administrative committee level, where the incompetent coalition majority, inclusive of the state president Robert Clark, are dysfunctional and grossly negligent in their stewardship of the Division. Never before in the history of the Victorian Division has such a reign incompetence been enacted on the once proud Division.

While the extensive catalogue of incompetence, mal-administration and mismanagement, has been covered very adequately in earlier editions of the ENewsletter, that the state president, and the administrative committee, has now allowed the Division to become paralysed, due to the dispute over the unnecessarily early federal pre-selection timetable, is an utter disgrace. Those responsible should now do the honourable thing and tender their resignations from their elected positions. 

Modern or New Liberals, Liberal Conservatives etc are all welcome though. The Liberal Party is a mainstream party and is most successful when it embraces freedom, free enterprise and social equality. It really is as simple as that.   The Liberal Party will not be successful when splinter groups Left, Right, Progressive, Conservative, religious, anti-religious etc attempt to take over the Party.  Where to now for Karina? Take a very long break, reflect on and learn from experience, (Karina is young enough) re-group and return to the fray renewed, or retire gracefully from politics for ever.   What will Karina Okotel’s legacy to the Liberal Party be? – History will be a judge of that.

I have been a member of the Liberal Party for 30 years. My philosophy is that the interests of Australia comes first, followed by family/friends and then loyalty to the organisation that I am involved in. In this case it is the Liberal party.  It is important to note that although not everyone agrees with my analysis, I have been writing articles as a freelance journalist for over twenty years. Numerous people have attempted to destroy me, my character, undermines my Christian values and everyone has failed.  I am nearing seventy years of age and have seen much in my life and I still continue to do the right thing. I do not seek acknowledgement nor power and influence but merely the company of family and good friends who I value very much.

When I reflect on the past, I am reminded of a friendship that did not form until at least nine years had passed as members of the Liberal Party. It was only that one day, I was asked to present myself to assist this chap in preparing him for pre-selection. I chuckle when I look back at that time when I saw his face drop when I walked in. He had no idea with whom I was associated with and who I was supporting. To cut a long story short, he won the pre-selection and went onto to greater things. However having said all of the above, I now find myself in somewhat of a quandary.  I have retired from being a political activist many times and always return when the Liberal party is in disarray. I execute what I do best by working behind the scenes without others understanding my mission or objectives. I do not seek acknowledgement nor accolades as it would undermine my values and beliefs.

The ENewsletters that I distribute for example is my way of bringing to member’s attention what is happening behind our backs by alleged faceless people. I do not believe in defamation and character assassination of others for personal or political reasons. My articles and ENewsletters have a story to tell in order that balance is achieved. If I find that information or data is incorrect, I will take steps to amend and rectify incorrect it. The Code of Conduct Charter for the ENewsletters says it all. Therefore readers should understand that at no stage is there any intent by me to defame individuals, but to bring to light what is in the public domain and according to contributor’s material. This special political biography is written as a lesson and a guide to political wannabees.  

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum. He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News. He holds a Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: abalinx.com Contact via Email: [email protected]


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