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Abalinx Newsletter.            Abalinx will commence distributing a weekly political newsletter to subscribers and to those being referred by interested third parties. It will be an informal informative newsletter based on information gleaned from various sources. Each newsletter will be preceded by the above logo with a number to indicate the newsletter sequence:

Disclaimer.            Abalinx takes no responsibility for irresponsible attempts to contaminate and/or destroy the Data base of subscribers or referrals. 

Subscribers.            Those interested in receiving the newsletter may subscribe to abalinx.com using the website online or contact the webmaster directly at [email protected] with the heading: ABALINX NEWS LETTER SUBSCRIBER.  Please keep your queries short and to the point otherwise they may not be responded to.

Confidentiality.        For the sake of privacy and confidentiality, all information provided will be strictly confidential and not subject to scrutiny by third parties, misused or sources details exposed.

Frequency.   Abalinx Newsletters will be sent out at least once per week normally early to midweek.  They may refer readers to third party links or social media platforms which contain additional or a more detailed account of the item of interest.

Archives.   Although newsletters are normally distributed by email, a record of all Abalinx Newsletters will be archived under the menu heading of ENews at abalinx.com and may be found by visiting the relevant links below. When they become active they will be in Bold Blue Font.  Alternatively all articles, documents and E-Newsletters are kept in the Archives.

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