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We are determined to do the right thing by the forgotten people, by the battlers and by everyone who is making a contribution or who is yearning to make a contribution to our great country.  We stand for the people who work hard, pay their taxes, volunteer in their local community and save for their retirement. 

Download a copy by clicking on: Tony Abbott 28 June 2014

‘The Australian’ national character ‘is about’ helping neighbours, giving people the benefit of the doubt, welcoming strangers, and “having a go” at making everyone’s life better.  We stand for all Australians’, the citizen over the official, the community over the state and the family over everything.  We trust the citizens of Australia to get most things right, most of the time – and mostly, ‘Australians’ do because ‘they’ understand what is in their’ best interests.  Tony Abbott  28 June 2014


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