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Abalinx 21 August 2017 Peter Adamis
The Hellenic ANZAC Gardens project is one of its kind in the world as it is a private tribute to three nations, three peoples and to an ancient past. An ancient past of warriors that believed that freedom had to be
Abalinx 26 January 2018 Peter Adamis
This article is one man’s final tribute to ANZACS & GREEKS.   It is fitting that this article is published on Australia Day 2018. I hope that its contents are well received and that it is read in the spirit
Abalinx 28 March 2018 Peter Adamis
68 years old and not a day goes by that I thank the good lord that I am still here. The last ten years have been a mixture of severe psychological stress, depression, infected arm, damaged spine and then cancer. Mind
Abalinx 16 April 2018 Peter Adamis
ANZAC Day is soon upon and once again the old and bold will be on parade to remind us that the freedoms we take for granted were not with some sacrifice by the few for the many.  For those Australians fortunate to
Abalinx 8 October 2019 Peter Adamis
We are pleased to report that a final committee has been chosen.
Members have been selected from two nations, Australia and Greece with additional nominations from New Zealand to be identified.
Numerous visitors
Abalinx 25 April 2019 Peter Adamis
The Committee of Hellenic ANZAC Gardens Memorial have invited the members of Pellana, Kastori, Perivolia and Pardali as well as the Committee of Elders in Sparta. Guest of honour was identified as Arthur Davakis the