Political articles

Peter Adamis is a political activist, writer and contributor since January 1990. His activities as a political commentator involve, training, pre-selection knowledge & skills planning, political campaign strategies, policies, public relations, and the art of selling ideas and concepts to an audience.  As publisher, he is guided by three factors: first, Australia as a nation, secondly the family unit and thirdly the organisation that he is associated with and relies on his networks built over the past fifty years. Political articles of a bygone era have been archived for historical reasons and may upon request be provided. Password protected articles are for members only. 

Peter Adamis is a Freelance Journalist/Commentator. A retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are  domestic and international politics.  An avid blogger contributing to domestic and international news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  Contact via Email: [email protected]

  1. A grassroots Liberal
  2. A Labor mate
  3. A political paradox
  4. A tireless campaigner
  5. Age of retirement
  6. Ageing & duty of care
  7. An honest response
  8. Andrews great deception
  9. Aussie lives matter
  10. Australia a republic
  11. Australia in crisis
  12. Australian leadership
  13. Australian security
  14. Ben Zygier a tragedy
  15. Brexit & Australia
  16. Bruce Ruxton
  17. Citizenship and Australia
  18. Culling of Australians
  19. Daniel Andrews Covid jails
  20. Death of Victorian taxi industry 
  21. Does China rule the waves
  22. Down to earth Aussies
  23. Euro or Brexit
  24. Expressing a view
  25. Expressions of interest
  26. Fear & ignorance
  27. Golden dawn & democracy
  28. Aussie characters gone
  29. Insecurity and Labor
  30. Integration or assimilation
  31. Just an Aussie bloke
  32. Kevin Donnelly
  33. Lorraine Elliotte
  34. Matthew Guy at Oakleigh
  35. Politics & the art of war
  36. Rainbow politics
  37. Responsible Police
  38. Sandra Mercer Moore
  39. She’ll be right mate
  40. Thailand Military coup
  41. The China flu panic
  42. The Prespa agreement
  43. Political cartoons and satire
  44. Victorian political fog
  45. Appalled & Disappointed