Welcome to the 6 RAR 1971 – 1973 Singapore/Malaysia posting.  The images below are as a result of the following contributors:  Michael Hardless, Terry Bell, George Lovett,  PeterAdamis and many other contributors whose names I forgotten. Images for posting are very much welcomed. Please post to Facebook inbox, on the RCB page,6 RAR page or send them to me at [email protected]  Thank you in anticipation. It is of interest to note that Terry Bell, Michael Hardless and I were diggers in A Coompany. George Lovett was in Delta Company.

Terry Bell and I both returned back to Kangaw barracks many years later for nostalgic reasons.  Terry was fortunate enough to be allowed into the base by the Commandant. Some of the photographs displayed are Terry’s.  Terry discharged from the Regular Army and returned again to make it to the rank of Major. He also was part of the Australian Army Training Team Iraq.

Terry like many others who served in Singapore/Malaya considered one of their best posting where mateship is still strong even today. When my wife and I visited the Barracks, the whole area was encased in barbed wire and extremely difficult to get past the guards. Neesoon and the Kiwi Barracks were also completely different from our time back in the early seventies. Peter.