The File Series

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Peter Adamis  11 August 2014

THE FILE archives replaces the now defunct and almost forgotten BaillieuGate series. THE FILE will be provide readers articles, opinions and anecdotal information relevant to the grass roots members of our society. The
Peter Adamis  22 August 2014. This a special revised edition of THE FILE -2 as a result of additional information that has come to hand. In previous editions of the BaillieuGate series, we advised readers that Ted Baillieu would be stepping down before
Peter Adamis  August 2014

It is time we took stock of what is occurring in our own environment and consider what is best for us in order to survive in an age of technology, misrepresentations and where privacy, truth and/or freedom to speak are
Peter Adamis 25 August 2014.   As promised we are about to observe some interesting events unravel over the next few weeks and then be startled with additional revelations that will open up a Pandora's box. As a dear friend once commented to me: "WATCH
Peter Adamis  28 August 2014.    THE FILE in this edition is a conglomeration of articles that cover past and present including the sad passing of a long time Liberal. At the present moment in time, focus is on the Victorian State election, what drives
Peter Adamis August 2014

This past ten days has been somewhat of a whirlwind in geopolitical circles of which much has happened since the last edition of THE FILE and as such we have taken selective articles to describe events that are shaping Victoria,