Victorian State Election 2018

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Matthew Guy will be the next Premier of Victoria at the next Victorian State Election. This political assumption is based on a long term study of the Victorian political scene.  Mathew is a family orientated, down to earth guy that wants nothing but the best for all Victorians with any fear or favour. Once in Government Matthew Guy will bring back the confidence and credibility to Parliament devoid of sycophants and others seeking jobs for the boys.

Matthew Guy and his colleagues clearly have the policies to win and maintain government against a directionless Labor Party which doesn’t know whether it should be to the left of Friends of the Earth or to the right of the old DLP. Labor under Daniel Andrews has lost the plot and as each day goes by, public confidence is further eroded by Labors dismal performance.

We owe it to our Members of Parliament, candidates and the people of Victoria to act to ensure that the organization can provide them with the resources and support needed to return good Coalition Government in Victoria and re-elect our Federal colleagues. Labor has embarked upon a program to change societal behaviour, reduce freedom of choice and stifle freedom of expression. The public needs to become cognizant of the fact that not all is well in the State of Victoria and only a Mathew Guy Liberal team can arrest that slide.

Recommended web sites.    Although readers have a choice and seek their own, it is recommended that the following may be of assistance to get an overall view of the upcoming Victorian State Election. Political information can be gleaned from such sites as Victorian political parties,  Weekly Times,  Conversation,  Crikey,   Sky News,  and Andrew Bolt the Drum.    

Recommended Election websites.   Monitoring the Victorian State election, readers have the option of monitoring the Victorian Electoral Commission on the front page menu as (VEC) or reading the political articles selected by Google Search engine

News article & Press releases.    Further to the above, it is important to note that during the analysis period, this section will deal with the issues that are most important to Victorians. The articles will be based on those that are in the open domain, relying on evidence gathered from sources readily available to the public. News articles     Press Releases     

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