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Welcome to Victorian Liberals at Abalinx This is dedicated to all Victorians no matter their ideology, background, origins and political loyalties.

Political articles related to 2018 Victorian Election will be provided within this section.  Abalinx network resources will provide the foundations for information relevant to interested Victorians seeking change.

Our objective is to create a bright new and invigorating future compatible to all needs and not the few. Subscribers will receive articles of interests based on the upcoming Victorian State Election.  Those interested in receiving updates may do so using the subscribe/unsubscribe buttons on the front page.  Contributors may use the the comments section send their comments to [email protected] All comments and contributions will be subject to the conditions set out in the Abalinx About policies  

Recommended web sites.    Although readers have a choice and seek their own, it is recommended that the following may be of assistance to get an overall view of the upcoming Victorian State Election. Political information can be gleaned from such sites as Victorian political parties,  Weekly Times,  Conversation,  Crikey,   Sky News,  Liberals Victoria and Andrew Bolt the Drum.    

Victorian State election.      Monitoring the Victorian State election, readers have the option of monitoring the Victorian Electoral Commission on the front page menu as (VEC) or reading the political articles selected by Google Search engine

News article & Press releases.    Further to the above, it is important to note that during the analysis period, this section will deal with the issues that are most important to Victorians. The articles will be based on those that are in the open domain, relying on evidence gathered from sources readily available to the public. News articles     Press Releases . Additional details may be obtained from the Victorian Election 2018 section dealing with policies and other matters concerning Matthew Guy.

Australian Victorian Liberals Archives.  Political articles that have been archived may be found at AVLA.

Article series.    Furthermore each new article will contain the logo with the serial number attached to it.  Copies of  the series will be entered in numerical order. Subscribers may download copies from the data base below. Peter Adamis.

1 Welcome to Victorian Liberals at Abalinx 31  Political Archives
2 Generational Change 32  An ordinary bloke – Peter Adamis
3 Victorian Political Arena 2018 33  Dan Can Do Andrews
4 The Political Gladiator – Michael Kroger  34  
5 The Quick Black Fox – Ian Quick 35  
6 A wolf in disguise – Paul Mitchell  36  
7 The principled Engineer – Greg Mirabella 37  
8 The ambitious Apprentice – Greg Hannan 38  
9 The Rooster – Marcus Bastiaan  39  
10 Jenny Mulholland 40  
11 Karina Okotel 41  
12 Fred Ackerman 42  
13 David Mulholland 43  
14 Matthew Guy  44  
15  State Assembly and Agenda Committee 45  
16  The Cormack Foundation case 46  
17   47  
18   48  
19   49  
20   50  
21   51  
22   52  
23   53  
24   54  
25   55  
26   56  
27   57  
28   58  
29   59  
30   60