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Global IslamPeter Adamis  19 June 2014.   Despite the victories and successes of Western nations against the Islamic force across the world, it is becoming evident that the West is losing the war against Islam and its adherents.  It has been costly in manpower, material and exhausted the political will of the west to the point where they wish to make reconciliation a must. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: CAN THE WESTERN WORLD SURVIVE UNDER ISLAM

The recent resurgence of militants into Iraq after the Coalition forces moved out, the thawing of relations between Iran and the West, The pseudo trade pact between Russia and China, the rise of India and China’s the worlds potential policemen, the internal conflict within the Islamic world, the unstable relationship between Russia and the USA are but a few examples of current world dynamics.

Let’s face it, democracy is expanding but the Western world as we perceive it to be is shrinking. Russia is traditionally not seen as a Western country despite its now Orthodox leanings, India being the world largest democracy was not seen as a Western nation but a part of Asia on its own, we are therefore left with Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Australia as being the traditionally paradigm of the West. What therefore constitutes as being a Western nation? Is its democratic ideals, its faith, skin colour, lifestyles and way of living or simply meaning a freedom to do what on likes within the parameters of a civilised society. I ask this question because on the face of it, Western ideals are really all of the above and yet we in the western world are shrinking as a result of population growth.

Despite all of these issues facing world leaders, we in the West are only now coming to grip with an ideological change within our midst without realising its long term effects.  Islam as  a religious faith has traditionally been an aggressive one in that it is not above using force as  means of converting individuals and nations to its ideals and way of life. However in the ideal world of religious faith, it also espouses peace and harmony and shuns the negativity of aggression and bloodshed. This latter ideal form of faith is not always apparent due to the former negative acts of the fundamentalist who use Islam as a weapon of mass destruction and to cast fear in to the heats of men women and Governments.

I am of the opinion that we in the West are losing the battle so to speak to retain our traditions and culture. We are losing the battle because those of the Islamic faith are steadily increasing their populations on a daily basis whilst the West under the so called freedoms of expression, just laws, equal opportunity and freedom from fear are failing to maintain the population growth. In a few years time from now (no dates are being provided)

In Europe alone we are seeing the countries retaliating against the Islamic culture and customs as it is alien to the European way of life. The indigenous population birth rates are dwindling in comparison to those of the Islamist and guest workers to the point where very soon they may overwhelm the culture of western society.   If a westerner were  to live in an Islamic country they would be forced to live according its customs. In Japan, Islamist culture and customs is not permitted. Why cannot we emulate them here in Australia?  In some countries Islamist have taken to the streets in the guise that there are no suitable meeting places for prayers.

One method of entry into Australia which is adding to the growth of Islam into Australia is and/or was through the illegal boat trafficking of human flesh, many of which were of the Islamic faith and al seeking a haven in the West. In this case Australia because of its tolerance, way of life and high standard of living. I too if I were in their shoes would also endeavour to try and live in a world that seemed like utopia. But alas there are procedures and laws that need to be followed if one is to make Australia home.

The current Abbott Government has stopped the illegal boats which were arriving under a Labor Government in their droves. So many boats were arriving that one could be forgiven if they thought that Kevin Russ and Julia Gillard (previous Prime Ministers) were the Ramses of ancient Egypt battling the ancient Sea Peoples all over again. My answer is to get rid of the parasite and purveyors (people smugglers) of human flesh from prying their trade upon our shores. Enforce the policies regarding guest workers and deny citizenship where appropriate. By all means allow refugees on humanitarian grounds (and meet United Nations requirements), but not at the expense of the Australian people. 

The author begs the question whether the growing number of Islamic peoples currently living in the Western world decide to rise and exert their will upon that nation. What will society say? Will they rise up in arms like they have in the town of Bendigo, Victoria where locals and those living around about protest against a mosque being erected in their location. Mind you many of these protests are based on fear of an alien culture fed by the negativity and hostile acts that we hear and see on the news media and online social media outlets. 

The other cases that come to mind are the wearing of the Burqua and the right for law enforcement agencies to request to see a individuals face for proof of identity. The right to having a prayer room and or access to one in the work environment.  Restrictions on erecting a mosque tower to call the ‘faithful’ in the confines of a mosque to the right of prayer in any one place utilised by the public. This should not come as surprise to the uninitiated as some countries like France do have entire suburbs that are predominantly Muslim and the whole street at one stage or another will go into prayer mode at the given time, stopping all traffic. Mixed marriages are another form of misunderstanding based on misinformation, loyalty to ones faith and alienating one’s self from either community or give up ones faith to take on the other in order to live a life of harmony. Mixed marriages between Islam, Jewish and Christian are rare indeed although love can be possible but for how long.

We also a have the lack of understanding amongst the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths in not recognising that they all follow the same God but have different pints of view on the Almighty (God). I am not amazed by the lack of understanding as all three deny that one another’s point of view and are dogmatic about what is the truth path to the salvation of one’s sole so to speak.  Islam like Christianity is imbued with a number of pathways regarding their particular faith, with the Christians having Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran and so forth while the Islam way of life the  appears to be a disparity between the Shiite and the Sunni believers.

These two vehicles of faith being the dominant forms of pathways towards the one true God according to the Islamic belief system. As I am no Islamic scholar, I do seek to understand the Islamic faith in order to have a better understanding of it and its relevance to the other two monotheist faiths. Based on my ignorance of the facts, I therefore can only surmise that there are other belief vehicles similar to the Christian models within the Islamic faith. This ignorance on my part if multiplied by the millions can give the reader an clear understanding why there will always be a misunderstanding between all three belief systems and yet compatible in other ways.

Will the public or which of the dominant culture survives rise to the occasion and return in sufficient numbers to safe guard the interests of its institutions and traditions. Can the two cultures live in harmony and can respect and tolerance be the foundations upon which future generations can abide by. After all we are all supposed to be equal under the Almighty and share the same God so to speak.  Or am I treading on ground that neither side of the cultural boundaries wishes to approach or discuss.  Will Australians, no matter their origins (including those of the Islamic faith) want this to occur in this country we call Australia home. I think not.  

Allow this country to grow and develop into a nation that all Australians can rejoice, and take its rightful place in the world. If it means to question and expose the paradigms of the past that are found wanting, then so be it. 

 We are not a European, American nor an
Asian country but a nation of our own that we call Australia.

We are a nation of many threads, colour, origins all of which make the fabric of Australia stronger, cohesive, tolerant and resilient amongst the other nations of the world. It is time for the world to take note that we are no longer the bread basket, nor the political football to be kicked from one end of the oval to another.   Do not look towards the North, the East or to the West for solutions but look within ourselves and tap into our own to find the solutions for a stronger and united Australia. As that President of the United States once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Simple words that is still relevant to this day.

We can stand alone a nation and
together within the global family of nations. 

While the colour of one’s skin in Australia is irrelevant, this country is a predominately Christian based one that is tolerant of other religions and cultures, and as such unique. If we as Australians do not create policies and put them in place (NOW); to safe guard the interests of this country on a cultural, political, religious and military level, we are doomed to fail as a nation and therefore ripe to be overwhelmed by an alien culture or nation.  If I as an Australian of Hellenic origins is prepared to fight if necessary to safeguard the Australian way of life; then I call upon on all Australians to stand tall, fly the flag, embrace our indigenous brethren the original owners of this land, be proud to call ourselves “Aussies”; and take our rightful place in this world.   

For someone who lives in the Western world, having access to the world media who depict daily the atrocities of an Islamic culture in a poor and negative manner should not be blamed or coerced into think that Islam is the way to go in life. The leaders in the Islamic world would think twice about the harm they were doing to their brethren living in a western culture where they are free to follow their faith with the fear of reprisal, intimidation or racist taunts.

I feel for our Muslim brothers in the west and I do hope that have the tolerance and understanding that we should have towards them. The responsibility as far as I am concerned lies with the Islamic leaders to show courage by addressing some of the concerns we face in the West.    At the present moment according to world events, I am of the opinion that the west cannot live under a Islamic order while again I am of the opinion that that the opposite is true. My question “Can the Western world survive under Islam” therefore remains unanswered and much more research requires to be undertaken to understand fully the differences that divide us.

Post Script:  For the record. This article is not about criticising the Islamic people but a an opinion based on my ignorance of the Islamic faith. I have many friends of the Islamic faith and I love them dearly.  I have respect for Islam as much as I respect our own beliefs and paths chosen in life. For those who wish to label me or place a brand name on me so be it.   As I stated within the article, I am far from being a racist. Please note that if I saw a person of the Islamic faith being abused or mistreated, I would be the first to go to their defence and provide them support even to the point of providing refuge.  

If we were to live in an Islamic country I would live according to the rules and customs of that country but with the exception of my faith being practiced in the privacy of my home or at a church or mosque, shrine(depending on my faith)  without the fear of intimidation and/or harassment) if it was available.  Just like those living in an Islamic country who wish to retain their way of life, then so do I.  

Disclaimer:  I have written this many times and this time it is no exception.  Prior to being shot down, ridiculed and criticized unfairly, please note that the author is far from being a racist but rather someone who wishes to retain the Australian and western way of life.  This topic may appear racist to some and the truth to others. Whatever the case may be, it is preferable that any debate be conducted in a civilized manner without the digression to other topics.

This affects everyone and the future generations to come.  It is not a new topic as it is currently being discussed at all levels of Western society and with the rise of left and right wing extremist groups it is important that an awareness of what is happening today is recognized and how does western society deal with it.

1 Peter Adamis iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a (not for profit) Journalist/Commentator. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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