Peter Adamis.  Whenever you travel to Far North Queensland, whether it’s to Port Douglass, Palm Cove, Innisfail, Cairns, Karunda, The Atherton Tablelands or just cruising through.  A copy of the complete article may be downloaded by clicking on: TOURS
Wandering amongst the hills and valleys of Pellana
Abalinx 10 April 2019 Peter Adamis
I remember as a youngster singing the song, "I love to go a wandering along a mountain track". I still sing or whistle a couple of bars to the melody when I am hiking,
Abalinx 10 August 2020 Peter Adamis
Stranded in the old country for the past four months amidst a pandemic scenario, one works and plays within set parameters and make the best of the challenges faced. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking
Abalinx 27 April 2022
There are many times when I just sit at my desk overlooking the veranda and across towards the RSL and beyond, allowing my brain to wander from one neuro transmitter to another. Its time like these that I wistfully think of a life
March 2019
Today being the last day of March, I did two trips of wheel barrow wild flower gathering exercise. Once the replanting was done, a quick brew and a Greek coffee with my mate Kostas the retired Stone Mason was in order.  Lunch consisted of
Journal 28 March 2022
Reflections are wonderful when memories of a bygone era coincide with special days. The birthday of our Granddaughter Anika and that of my own. My lovely wife Yovanna treated me to a two-day trip full of one surprise after another.
Abalinx 22 April 2022
Expectations - Acknowledgements - Denial.    We reach a point in life where we stop think and reflect upon the decisions we have made.  We wonder whether our expectations have been met, acknowledged if we have been denied opportunities