Old country

Peter Adamis Abalinx 9 February 2017
Under the shade of the olive trees is a somewhat misleading title when I originally wrote the article based on the word JAB.  JAB may appear a funny title for an article but for me I am hoping that it will be the
Abalinx Peter Adamis 28 April 2017
A video depicting a man journey through life was put together by my nephew Nick Smyrnios. Although it was not possible to put everyone in the video, it is still a great display of the many friends Dad had met in life.
Abalinx 6 August 2017. Peter Adamis
It is 4.42 am here in the village of Pellana on the 6 august 2017. I kicked myself for not ringing my old mate Eddie Black for his 62 Birthday after making all the necessary preparations to do so. Download a copy by
Peter Adamis Abalinx 23 September 2017
In days of old prior to the Hellenic Diaspora to the USA Canada and Australia in the early nineteen fifties and post WW2 and the Greek Civil war, the Pellaniotes would gather at the village of Pellana in their
Peter Adamis Abalinx 15 October 2017
Today, Maurice and I went for a long drive into the Taygetos Mountains seeking the relatives if any of a chap called George Kotsiakos. George was the Grandfather to Thelma Barwick, wife of Maurice Barwick. It was
Peter Adamis Abalinx 29 April 2017
Klephtes otherwise known as cattle rustlers, brigands, thieves and romanticized freedom fighters belong to another era. I wonder whether exist today?   In Greece, Klephtes became romanticized and eventually looked
Peter Adamis Abalinx 29 April 2017
It is now some 46 years that I have carried the same machete around with me and during that time I learnt that with wisdom to put aside the anger of the machete and replace it with the pen. Most of my demon anger
Abalinx 30 June 2018 Peter Adamis
After many years of waiting, Pellana, the ancient capital of Lakonia Greece (Long before the arrival the Dorians who developed the Spartan culture) are finally being recognized as such.  
Appropriate long overdue signage
Abalinx 1 October 2019 Peter Adamis
Robberies, cattle rustling, thieving and assaults were once the domain of the Klephtes (brigands) in days of old. Yet recently Pellana was struck again with a rash of robberies. A copy of the article may be downloaded
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Kalliope means "beautiful-voiced" (from kallos, meaning "beauty," and ops, meaning "voice"). Kalliope was the most prominent of the Muses-the nine sister goddesses who in Greek mythology presided over poetry, song, and the arts and sciences.