Gunman loose in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs

GUNMAN2This is an unbelievable scenario that is a throw back to the 1920 when Squizzy Taylor and others would go shooting randomly at others in the streets of Fitzroy and backstreets of Melbourne. I honestly cannot believe that this gunman has not bee identified and captured to say the least.  Mill Park thomastown are suburbs that have diverse communities and cultures from around the world. These New Australians are hard working, productive and contributing to the welfare of this country.

We have no need to fear our neighbors, let alone lone gunmen roaming the streets terrorizing our suburbs and instilling fear into the communities. Whoever this chap is, one hopes that the law enforcement agencies capture him and bring about a safe outcome.

According to the photograph, the gunman appears to be a young man of caucasian features, medium build , well groomed with a hooded jacket and what also appears to be jeans and sand shoes. I am quite sure that he is recognisable from the photograph and i am very surprised that he has not been apprehended.  

Whatever his gripe with this family is, there are avenues which can be explored before matters are taken into someones hand and even then resorting to violent methods is o the answer to anybodys ills or personal feuds. Every family has the right to living in peace without the fear of being targeted by nefarious characters bent of instilling fear into another.  One hopes that this matter is brought to a successful conclusion and that the gunman is apprehended.  

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Family calls for help to find gunman.   May 25, 2014   Caroline Zielinski   Reporter  

Family calls for help to find gunman. A family that has been targeted by a gunman five times in the past seven months is asking for public help to find the offender and end the terror.  Detectives believe the first three shootings took place between November 23 and 25, targeting homes in Chateau Court, Thomastown and Vanbrook Drive, Mill Park, as well as the family business in Metrolink Circuit in Campbellfield.  The fourth shooting occurred once again at the Chateau Court home on December 15.

Police said the gunman knocked on the front door just before midnight and introduced himself as ‘John’ before firing shots through the door.  The bullets narrowly missed the victim, damaging several walls instead.  The offender then ran from the house and fled in a white Nissan Navara with black roll bars.  It is believed the victim’s wife and three children were asleep at the time of the shooting. No one was injured.  On February 5, several shots were once again fired at the house.

Police have released CCTV footage of the gunman, and urge anyone with information to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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