Peter Adamis   Abalinx 1 December 2016
I just spoke with Barry. He is at home, living in far North Queensland with his wife. I am so pleased that I caught up with him. He was also one my early mentors. A tower of strength, great Aussie humour, tough
Peter Adamis Abalinx 12 January 2017.
I had gone to bed this evening, relaxing and as normal reading a book.  This book I had purchased some few years ago when we went to Cairns and visited "Warrie" George Mansford.  Although it was a great visit and
Peter Adamis Abalinx 5 May 2011
I wrote this article with much help from Rebecca Killick, the Killick family, Michael Hardless, Gus Guthrie and Wikipedia. In fact most it would be attributed to Rebecca who provide much of the background to our mate Willie.
Abalinx 24 September 2019 Peter Adamis
PREAMBLE. One of the many things I was taught whilst in the Army was to allow the man on the ground to be free to use their initiative, skills, knowledge and assets to complete their mission. 
My generation was
The Voice from the Pavement - Peter Adamis 26 December 2011
This article is long overdue by me and it is my way of paying tribute to a good friend who took me on board when I hardly knew anybody and need some support during my study of
'The responsibility of Government is the security of the nation. And it follows therefore that the Government has a particular responsibility towards those who have worn the nations uniform. Because there is in my view no higher calling than to wear the
The Voice from the Pavement - Peter Adamis - 5 May 2014
As a young man I was often asked what is an Australian like and what does it feel to be an Australian. When faced with such a question, I am reminded of a time when I was a young
Peter Adamis 4 July 2014.   It is always sad whenever someone has passed onto another dimension and left the earthy existence of we call life. Whether we want to admit it or not there is always a sense of loss and hole is left within you as a constant
Peter Adamis  12 July 2014. 
Kevin Donnelly is one bloke that you will want to have in the trenches when you go into battle. You will always be confident that if Kevin is beside you, the outcome will always be a positive one.   I first met Kevin during
Abalinx Peter Adamis 17 October 2015
JOHN DEIGHTON (JPA - to his close comrades)
There are far better and greater men and women who could speak and write far better, more eloquently and with more knowledge, skill and passion of John Deighton. I cannot
Peter Adamis 2 December 2016
This article is about Mick Strong, not about his military career, not about me, not about the human and spirit that dwells within us all and the one phone call that made a difference to me.   Mick Strong is not to be confused
Abalinx 30 January 2016 Peter Adamis
Vi and Kevin Hurley, long-time friends known for their quiet philanthropic work behind the scenes.  Typical Aussies' who have worked hard all their lives.  Raised three kids (lost one to illness).  Supported the Australian
Abalinx 1 February 2018 Peter Adamis.
What can a bloke say when confronted with another bloke wearing an Akubra style hat. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on:WARREN ONE OF MY MANY UGLY COBBER DIGGER MATES
Well in this case it looks
10 June 2018 Abalinx Peter Adamis
What does one say to a mate’s wife and kids when he has gone from this world? A very difficult scenario, under an umbrella of huge sorrow, anguish and grief is one way of describing ones feelings on hearing the passing
Abalinx 21 April 2022
My mate Sandra, a grossly underestimated by many. An extremely caring and sensitive individual hiding behind a veil of armour and steel. Every time my thoughts take me down the river of memories, they occasionally become snagged