Abalinx 11 November 2022

Today, Remembrance Day is commemorated to remind the living of the enormous sacrifices of mankind during WW1. A time when living flesh clashed with iron and steel. A war of attrition, of needless slaughter and a war to end all wars. Sadly history has demonstrated that mankind throughout the ages has fought one another over assets, power and control.  This post is a dedication to all those who have fallen in battle.

HANZAC LIONS OF PELLANA guard the entrance to the Hellenic ANZAC Memorial located in Pellana, Laconia, Greece.  A tiny village in the Euvrotas River valley, snug in between two mountain ranges, Taygetos and Parnona.  

The memorial is a dedication and tribute to the Hellenes, Australians and New Zealanders that fought and died during WW2 in Greece. In addition it is also a personal tribute to cobber, digger, mates as well as to those numerous people past and present who had a hand in developing me.

The article in PDF format better describes the HANZAC Memorial and there is no need to address those matters her.  Admittedly, the document is a long one, but as always one hopes that it is worth reading during a period of reflection.    It is one mans tribute who wishes to leave a legacy behind for future generations to understand that life is not without sacrifice and as such we should remember them. 


A number of images have been added to enhance the article and enable readers to grasp the enormity of the five year project.  A project that numerous individuals contributed to its creation.  I cannot thank them enough for their time, generosity and words of encouragement. 

Peter Adamis is a writer, freelance journalist and a retired Australian veteran. He holds a Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development and a post-graduate degree in Environmental Occupational Health and Safety.