ANZAC Day 2018

Abalinx 16 April 2018 Peter Adamis

ANZAC Day is soon upon and once again the old and bold will be on parade to remind us that the freedoms we take for granted were not with some sacrifice by the few for the many.  For those Australians fortunate to have left the shores of this great nation we call home Australia, they would upon returning back home thank God that they live in a country that still enjoy the freedoms others wish they had and they all realise that we are a sought after country to relocate to. A copy the article may be downloaded by clicking on:PELLANA AVENUE OF HONOUR

As a migrant of the very early Fifties, I reflect back on life and ask myself have I done my bit to make my adopted country a better place.  Mind you, life has never been a bed of roses because amongst those roses there were to be found the thorns which made it even more interesting. Having said the above, I must add that I would not be who I am today without being surrounded by some very terrific people who encouraged me along life’s journey. Beginning with my parents, siblings and relatives to the many good friends that were there for me along that journey. Mind you, I am not ashamed to say that I have had my faith in God to guide me and having God next to me during my darkest of days helped me to overcome those challenges of life. 

When I return back to Greece, I will be laying up four plaques in the Village Cottage near the ANZAC Gardens Monument dedicated to ANZACS and Greeks as well as the Avenue of Honour.  The Avenue of Honour located in Pellana, Laconia, Greece is dedicated to people who were a great part of my life, mentored, managed, encouraged and supported me throughout life.

The Avenue of Honour located in Pellana, Laconia, Greece is dedicated to people who were a great part of my life, mentored, managed, encouraged and supported me throughout life. Only the few would know of their names. If individual’s names are missing it does not mean that they are forgotten for they are represented by others. As we grow old and age takes its toll on our memories we should be happy in the knowledge that in life we were surrounded by good people. This small Avenue of trees is but a small token of my appreciation and a tribute to them all. A marble plaque with all names engraved will be placed on site. I can do no more than to say a simple thank you now and at the end.

Alan Ziebell + Anne Ziebell, Aliki Glekas (nee Adamis), Andoni Papazafiropolous, Andonia (nee Rassias) + Dimitri Glekas, Andrew Pring, Anthony Fernandez, Anthony (Harry the Hat) Hammett, Argyro (Vickie) Seperzoundis, Arthur + Despina Rovolidis, Dr. Azhar Khan, Barrie + Marilyn Daniels, Barry + Sue Ziebell, Barry Fitton, Barry French, Barry Tolly, Bert + Dawn Franks, Bill (Yank) Akell, Bill Papastergiadis, Bob Anderson, Bob Bak, Bob Buchanan, Bob Peoples, Bob Sayce, Bonny Wasiu, Brian Cooper, Bruce Ruxton, Chris + Helen Glekas, Chris Fenner, Christine Ethel, Cliff (Blue) + Thelma Ziebell, Clinton + Rea Breeze, God, Con + Margaret Mecuri, Con Zois, Danny Parisian, Dave Dalton (USMC), David Adamis, David Lewin, David + Rick Piggott, Rick Brittain, Des Lowe, Dick Spain, Paul Mitchell, Dimitri (Jim- “Everybody Happy”) + Fotini Rassias, Dimitri Bogris, Dimitri Maliaros, Joy Howley, Mr. Walsh, Mr. Sergeant, Mrs. McDonald, Tom Crummy, Sam Mihelakos, Frank and Jamie Gibaldi, Michelle Lunn, Ronnie &  Zeeyad El-Azar, Jeff + Bob +  Adam Paine, Steve Dring, Randall Green, Colin Goodwin, Gerald Merici, Merv Dicton, Mick Wayne, Kevin Donaldson, Amri + Beata Sannang.   

Bill, Leah, Tasia, Marina, Helen Kaliviotis, Katerina Zaremis, Marcus Bastiaan, Kim Fripp, Donald Arthur Norman + Audrey Mavis Trenoning, Ray Purdon, Rae Kennett, Rene Katsilomitis + Evangeli Gaitanis, Doug Luik, Douglas + Pauline Ball, Dr David Goddard, Dr George Proimos, Dr. Bennett, Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Stan Savvas, ONJ Austin Hospital staff – Dr. Julian Grabek, Nurses Fler Cook, Priscilla Gates, Dr. Simon He, Dr. Karthik, Maria Moutsatsou + Vasili Armaos, Maria + Alex Wilson, Zafira Katsilomitis, Martin Herron, Peter + Betty + Leo Athanasakis, Jim Carrol, Kyriakos (Ken) Tsirigotis, Peter Mercoulias, Kon Glekas, “Hoppy” Hutchinson (2 RVR – 8/7 RVR), Archie Lundani, Jack Currie, George Ashton, Shane Board, Bob Antonis, (Big) George Bakis, Jim Bakis, Wayne Davies, Bill Kontos, Mick Olsen, Jim Hammett, Trevor O’Malley, John Long, John Cech, Ross Seath, Glen Barlow, Willie Killick, Loula (Penny) and Anna, Reginald Bandy, John McCausland, Craig Youll, Harry + Eleni Masselos, Eugene Kontos, Bob Law, Vince + Mary Rizza, Chris Lambis.

Eddie + Mary Vella, Eddie + Lisa Black, Eddie (Jock) + Pam Bryson, Elliot (Pup) (1988 – 1989), Emmanuel Vardakis, Eva Nagy, Frank Hangan, Frank Oostermeyer, Fred Mott, George Mansford (Warrie), George Mihalopoulos, Geza + Maria Benke, Giuseppe de Simone + Karen Synon, Greg Carthew, Greg Hill, Hariklea (Rita) (nee Adamis) Tsotios, Harold Eather, Harry Kotatzis, Helen (nee Finnegan) + Tom Love, Helen (nee Adamis) + John Smirnios, Helen Vlahogianni, ONJ Austin Hospital Aide Fay (2015 – 2018), Ilias Zouzoulas, Jock Smith, John (Jack) Arena, John + Helen Patsikathedorou, Joe + Dina (nee Adamis) Sasiki, John Anagnostou, John Baker, John Best, Keith Rossi, Kon & Irene George, Kon + Effie Nikolopoulos, Konstantine + Wendy (nee McMullen) Adamis, Kostas Sgourdas, Koula + Dimitri (Jim) Tournas, Leon + Despina Tsongas, Leonidas Mastrogiannis, Michael Driscoll, Mabs Thrupp, Maria + Mihali Vamvakinou, Jim Black, Helen Tsihli, Lance Hume, Dr. Carol Smith, Arthur Sinodinos, Tasia Rassias, Stephanos Sgourdas.

Marie Laria, Mark Adamis + Josie Bekker, Mark Stephens, Mary + Mac Maclean, Matthew + Jane (nee Jihye Baek) Adamis, Maurice G. + Thelma Barwick (nee Kotsiakos), Michael Blaxland, Michael Fracassi, Michael Kroger, Michael Lidis, Mick Armstrong, Mick Driscoll, Michael + Lorna Hardless, Mick + Deidre Strong (SA), Mile Kotoski, Mohamad Kobayssi, Neil Eiby (Lofty), Nick + Georgia Bantounas, Noel Greaves, Norman (Ned) + Ralda Kelly, Paddy Bacskai, Savvas + Panagiota (nee Tsihli) Roumeliotis, Paul Adamis, Paul Prickett, Pauline (DOD 1979 – 1985), Pauline Ziebell, Percy Meredith, Peter (Blue) + Mary Roberts, Peter (Kalla) Kalliakoudis, Peter (Pop) + Nick + Arthur Morphis, Peter (Spitha) + Eugenia Rassias, Peter Adamis (Grandfather), Peter Alkemade, Peter + Sheryl Bateman, Peter Curtis, Peter + Anna Frangos, Peter Hatherley, Peter Jasonides, Peter Phillips, Peter Rosemond, Peter Stammers, Peter Thomas, Peter Vlahos, Phillip (Butch) Buttigieg, John (Fasaria) Philipopoulos, Dennis Dyce, Dennis Misso, Danny Wright, Ilias Katsos, Stella Gabrilidi, Peter Liakopoulos, Giannoula Lafogianni, Paul + Georgia Philipopoulos, Barry Silk, David Hudson, Steve Yeats, David Lowe, Terry Bell, “Bikie Cobber” Marshall, Ilias Bakis, Maria, Stratos, Ellen + George Capetanakis, Mick Strong (1 RAR), Terry Litchfield, George Liarakos, Ian Presley.

Phillip Adamis + Sophia (nee George) Adamis, Perry Bakolias, Rick Moores, Roger Barber, Ron Hill, Ron Lovelock, Ron Lunt, Ross Thompson, Sandra Mercer Moore, Savvas Grigoropoulos, Kevin Kelleher, Spiro + Marika Smirnios, Stan Edwards, Stavros Mihalopoulos, Stephanie (nee Stavroula Zouzoulas) Psarakis, Steven Bond, Tasos Sotiriadis, Terry Styles, Theo + Elefteria Adamis, Tassos + Tasia (nee Tsihli) Kategiannis, Tony + Jan Kelly, Vaso + Dimitri (Jim) Kamberris, Vicki (1985 – 1999), Violet + Kevin Hurley, Vittorio Merici, Wally Thompson, Warren + Lyn Payne, Wayne Whitrod, Wendy Ziebell, Vasili (William) Adamis + Kaliope (nee Rassias)-(Parents) Adamis and my very dear and lovely supporting wife, Yovanna (nee Katsilomitis) Adamis and to the many unnamed but not forgotten friends. Thank you all so very much for being part of my life. Peter Adamis

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum. He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News. He holds a Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0481 342 791


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